5 Ways to Improve Memory

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downloadHaving a great memory is an amazing thing, but some people just aren’t that lucky. They seem to not be able to remember stuff, and that is why they tend to be depressive or just bummed out. However, they should not worry, because there is a solution to their problem. We are going to give you five ways to improve your memory, and the only thing you need to do is to read them and then decide if you’d like to take one of the advices mentioned here. So, let’s see how the ways we could improve our memory.

1 – Take Walks in the Nature

The walks on themselves don’t really do much when it comes to improving your memory, although they can be great for your body and your health. It is the being in the outdoors and inhaling the fresh air that does amazing work for your brain. Every brain needs more oxygen; it allows it to work it less pressure, and allows it to function the best it can. That is why you ought to start taking walks in the nature – you’ll improve your memory, and will improve your health as well!

2 – Eat Healthy Food

We all know that healthy food is great for our bodies, but most of us don’t really know that there are some foods that have vitamins and minerals that could improve the strength of our brain, which in turn improves our memory. Vegetables are great for this – there is a good reason why it’s called “food for brain”.

3 – Train the Brain

You can improve your memory by training the brain. Do an exercise every day, and try to remember something; people usually try to do this with poems – they are easy to remember and they rhyme, which helps you remember the next line better. Think of it this way – in order to run a marathon, you need to train every single day, more and more and more. Well, such is the case with training your brain. Start by learning a small poem by hard, and work your way to the longer ones.

4 – Get Some Sleep

download (1)Sleep is extremely important for good memory. A person that does not get enough sleep can’t expect to have a fully relaxed brain that can memorize various stuff. Therefore, it is really important to rest your brain, and yourself, in order to hope to be able to memorize something. You’ve probably already tried to memorize something while being sleepy. You know it’s hard, so give yourself and your brain some rest.

5 – Consider Nootropics

Some people think that they have trouble with memorizing stuff, but they really just need to learn how to concentrate. This is extremely hard for some people, and they decide to take some Nootropics. This product can repair the broken connections between the brain synapses and neurons, and can even support the growth of new neurons. It is a great product for everyone that needs some help with memorizing stuff.

Using Compound Moves To Put On Muscle

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Compound movements have emphasis on pulling, pushing, pressing, squatting as well as lifting when it comes to bodybuilding. These movements can be well compared to how the muscles move in the body, which is why they are very important to incorporate if you want to build your muscles as well as increase your strength.

  • Dips

These are used for chest and triceps. The humble dip is quite old and quite effective when it comes to the compound movements. This will be responsible for building your chest and shoulders more than any other compound exercise you can possibly do. Most people actually overlook the dip as a weapon to fight for dense muscles on the upper body and additionally to that, the dip ill force you to work even harder against resistance.

  • Bench press

This just has to be the king of upper body movements. The bench press also known as upper body squat is good at building muscles in the triceps, chest, shoulders and back giving you a larger upper body mass. Now, the best way to win with this is by emphasizing on the negative or the lowering phase. You need to stretch many muscles fibers, as many as you possibly can during descent in a very slowed and controlled manner. Of course, all movements have to be controlled from the top to bottom but many people seem to drop the bar when benching.

  • Dead lifttricep-dips-gym

If you want complete thickness, you need to do this. There are simply numerous benefits you will get from prioritizing the dead lift because it works the traps, lats, spinal erectors, quads, calves, arms and chest. Actually, you can say all muscle groups. Due to all the demands it places on all the muscles, it is imperative to use this exercise to your advantage and you will develop strength as well as a densely muscled physic.

  • Barbell (back squat)

This is best at working out stronger muscle groups, the quads and glutes and establishes a very strong support foundation in order to be able to facilitate the development of the whole physique. It has an amazing ability to target core development and it will enable you to become stronger on the upper body movements. The squats can e said to be the most systematic in all the compound lifts because the force that is needed to squat the heavy weights will place pressure on your back muscles, wais, upper back, chest, shoulders and even the arms. You will also get cardio respiratory as well as metabolic benefits and you will not get this from any other exercise. If you perform the squat correctly, your goal will be a major success.

  • Reverse grip barbell rows

This is a very important exercise if you want muscles because it creates tension all over the body. It is quite difficult to perform and most people give it a pass but if you want to have a complete massive look, you need to force yourself and you will not believe the results.


What is The Paleo Diet?

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download (1)Most people don’t know what Paleo Diet really is, and even though some people have heard of it, what it really is not a lot of people know. Well, to put it short, this is a diet in which you eat the food that was eaten by our ancestors that lived in caves. Experts in this type of eating habit claim that these people were extremely healthy and lived a longer life, and that is why this diet is great for people. But, what constitutes this diet? Well, that is something you can look at here, as we explain to you the major guidelines of the Paleo Diet.

First of all, you need to know that this diet is supposed to be rich in fat. Also, it is supposed to be rather moderate in the animal protein, as well as the carbohydrates. Also, a lot of saturated fats are supposed to be ingested during this diet; and these fats can be found in clarified butter and coconut oil. Another thing you can eat that eat is lard, beef tallow and duck fat, but only if they are a product of healthy animals that grew on organic food.

Animal protein is something that this diet’s creators believe is great, and you can find it in poultry, red meat, animal organs, eggs, fish, etc. Besides these animal products, you are also advised to eat a lot of vegetable, no matter if it is fresh or if it is frozen. However, when it comes to nuts, you shouldn’t go overboard with them; eat them moderately. And when it comes to fruit, eat the ones that are low in sugar, but high in omega-3 and antioxidants.

When it cereals, you should remove them from your diet. And not only them, you should also remove the grains and legumes. This means that you are not supposed to eat any barley, rice, corn, oats, wheat, soy, rye, peanuts, etc.

Your Paleo Diet is a diet that should not include any hydrogenated oils, which means that you ought not eat the margarine, peanut butter, nor should you make food with sunflower oil, soybean oil, etc. It should be noted that the avocado and olive oils are okay, but you should not use them for cooking, but as dressings for salads.

imagesThe next one goes for almost every diet, and it says that you should not eat added sugar which means that you have to cut out soft drinks, candy, or soda from your diet. Also, the dairy products are frowned upon, so you should not eat them, according to the Paleo Diet.

This diet claims that you should only eat when you are hungry, and that you should not exercise too much. So, overexercising is a no-no, as is the overeating. Taking vitamin supplements are okay, and especially the supplements that include Vitamin D, as well as the probiotics. And finally, you should spend a lot of time in the sun and in the nature, and continue being positive.

How To Burn Fat With Running

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download (2)We all know that running can help you get rid of all that unwanted fat, but what people don’t know is that there are some tips that can help them do it a lot better. People don’t realize that there is a way to make your cardio workout a lot more effective, and right now, we are going to tell you how to succeed in that, and lose weight a lot faster.

The first thing you need to do, in order to burn fat better while running, is to start powerwalking, and especially while you’re not working out. This will help your body get accustomed to working out, and it will even burn your fat while you’re not thinking about it. You just have to powerwalk while you’re going to the store, or if you’re out walking. To it by powerwalking, and you’ll be exercising without even realizing it.

The next thing you could do is jumping some rope between your running intervals. This may sound a bit exhausting, but believe us, it will do the trick. This will make your running even stronger, and will help you burn fat a lot faster.

Then, you could try sprinting. Many people believe that this is bad for them, because they’ll get tired pretty fast. But, that’s the whole point – to push yourself. Besides, if you powerwalk every day, you’ll get into condition really fast, and sprints won’t be a problem for you at all.images

Now, when you’re running, you need to make some changes to your routine, in order to help yourself lose that weight. Running is great, and in the beginning, you really ought to run the same length every time. But then, over time, as you start feeling that you’ve gotten in a better condition, you really need to start increasing the length. This will help you always be in your A game, which will in turn help you out a lot with your weight loss.

Of course, before you do any of this, you really need to consult your doctor. He will then tell you if you are in condition to do it. If you are not, he will tell you, and you need to do as he says. That way, you’ll be sure that you won’t hurt yourself. And besides, you can always find some other way to lose some weight, there are hundreds of them out there.

Five Foods To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

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We all hate that terrible belly fat and we never seem to be able to get rid of it, no matter how hard we work out. Well, that could be the exact problem we’re facing here – trying to remove it with just exercises. In order to get rid of that annoying belly fat, we really need to be careful about what we eat as well. A lot of people don’t know this, but there are actually some foods that can help us get rid of this awful fat, and right now, we are going to tell you about the 5 most successful ones of them. So, let’s see what foods they are and how they work.download (1)

1 – Almonds

These amazing nuts are great for getting rid of your belly fat due to the fact that they are full of monounsaturated fats that help out in the weight loss process. Also, they are full of proteins, which can also provide great service when it comes to this topic. In fact, some specialists claim that this food is the best one there is when it comes to effectiveness of the belly fat loss. However, because these things contain a lot of calories, you should watch out how many of them you eat.

2 – Leafy Greens

These things are full of fiber, which makes them great for losing the belly fat. Also, they are great for your health, they stop obesity, and help people with overstuffing. These foods include broccoli, arugula, and spinach, which are foods full of fiber and low on calories.

3 – Oatmeal

Most of us already know that oatmeal is healthy for us, but not many people know that it can help us with the belly fat. It was proven that eating whole grain can help a lot with the weight loss process, which is why we ought to eat more of them; and the best way to do so is through oatmeal.

4 – Green Teat

Technically, this is not food, but it is still good for losing that belly fat. This happens because this tea contains catechin, which can greatly help in losing weight. And really, is there a better way to lose weight than to sit around and drink some tea?download

5 – Berries

Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries… Whatever berries you have in mind, they can help you get rid of your belly fat, because they are full of fiber, which is great for our system. This means they are healthy, and they stuff you up without intaking a lot of calories; which means that they are a great partner in a fight against that terrible belly fat.

The Amazing Benefits Of Tribulus Terristris

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Title: The Amazing Benefits Of Tribulus Terristris

In order to enhance some activities or achieve some desired effects, our bodies sometimes require bodybuilding supplements, just the way it requires prescription drugs once you fall sick. This being the case, Tribulus Terristris is one of those supplements that can be beneficial to your body in a number of ways. Primarily the supplement is availed as a libido enhancer used by both men and women to boost their sexual morale. It has also been significantly used as a hormone balancing substance in post cycle therapy, essentially after another type of supplement such as a testosterone booster has been used. Before looking at the benefits of Tribulus Territris, what is its origin?

Traditional Use Of Tribulus Terristris

For quite a long time, the thorny plant bearing some spiny fruits has been used as a remedial herb in early Chinese and Indian communities. Credible sources also reveal its use in early Europe. It is believed to have been used as a medicinal herb to provide remedy for common ailments such as UTIs itching eyes, and skin problems. It was also helpful in treatment of fatigue and lethargy in early communities. The most significant use however was its importance as a sex libido enhancer in both women and men. With technology however, the product has been incorporated as a herbal supplement with a number of benefits as follows.

  1. Restoration Of Vigor And Vitality

Impotence is a big problem across communities. This supplement has been seen to treat importance in both men and women. In men, it is seen to promote sperm health, increase sperm count and strengthen erections that last long. In women, it also helps regulate balance between estrogen and other hormones such as testosterone and progesterone. Apart from curing impotence, it helps increase libido and sex drive.

  1. Testosterone Enhancertribulus terristris

One of the most important ingredients in Tribulus Terristris is a substance known as Protodioscin, a precursor substance quite important in the production of testosterone. The human sex hormone is important in a number of ways when it is plenty in the body. In males, it promotes sexual function, enhances muscular growth and promotes energy as well as athletic performance. It is thus quite helpful for athletes and body builders alike.

  1. Hormonal Balancing And Mood Support

Hormones are chemical substances that deliver bodily signals to various organs and tissues. Testosterone is one of them. This supplement has been known to cause balance of body hormones, which is quite important as much as the general health and functioning of the body is concerned. It is also instrumental in regulating moods, which are sometimes linked to hormonal imbalance.

  1. Circulatory System Booster

The transport system is composed of veins, arteries and the transport fluid, blood. Tribulus Terristris, has been seen to improve the circulatory system function, which leads to better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body cells and tissues. This also boosts the immune function as the immune cells are adequately conveyed to various points through the blood.

The effects of Tribulus Terristris are affected by the source of the extract. It may be obtained from the leaves, stems or a root, which makes it have varying effects.